My Greatest Spiritual Teacher is Nursing and Presence

Early on in my own heart I knew that my work was a ministry of sorts.  Dare I say that I thought of being a nun many times in my early life. 

My best friend died a couple of years ago, and her husband asked me me about my spirituality.  I said I entertain, study and practice varied traditions, and yet I think my greatest spiritual teacher is nursing.  I had never placed those words together, and it made me feel solid and strong, as a practitioner of a wisdom tradition in the art and science of caring.

With an authentic engagement at each turn, we become fierce with reality and aliveness.  We reach into our shadows and our capacities and emerge with an open hand and mind.  From this place we find the resiliency, presence and  support in the challenges and sufferings as well as in the gifts and visions of this great work. 

I long to be a part of building the collective bridge into a future for health care where all voices are heard at every level and we effectively tend and skillfully lift ourselves, our patients, communities and organizations to a greater heart.  A heart a culture of  presence, curiosity, emerging engagement and a vitality, that tends it's own first.  Just like wounds, that heal from the inside out, we and our systems of health care can do so too.    We can emerge as the grand heart of caring it was meant to be, one heart, at a time.     For now this heart, this nursing voice, tends my elderly father, friends, and myself.  After many decades in healthcare, I am more present to the wounds, and their needs.  Currently wound licking in process, heart emerging greater still.  I am more wholehearted and curious and brave  than ever before.  Thank you nurses, and those who tend, love and care.  

I have had to lick my wounds, to heal them, from working in dysfunctional systems and bringing my own a bridge collectively into a future where all voices are heard at every level in our systems and within these forums we can funnel up, across, to other members of our organizations, communities and into our very hearts.   


“You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.

When you truly possess all you have been and done, you are fierce with reality.” 
― Florida Scott-MaxwellThe Measure of My Days