Opening the Treasure Chest

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During the Renaissance age, humankind collected itself. They documented all forms of arts, culture, language, education, and systems.  The collecting created a new, visible, tangible culture.  This idea has circled around me for some time as I look at the large picture of my life, and live with.. what now?   What new culture of me, and of us is rebirthing now, and how can we be the creators of that vibrant and new culture?

A year ago I dreamt I had a year to live. What if this were true? What collections, memories, legacies if any,  would be left after I die? And what does it mean to live the final days with purpose, meaning, agency, guts and transparency?

What collections do I need to curate?

What gifts do I need to share?

What do I most need to learn?

What is important for me to voice, and to whom?

I believe my life's work is a Treasure Chest full of  wonder, with much still to be discovered, in the darkness and in the light.

I declare my life a work of art, and am opening this treasure chest in awe, humility, and wholehearted curiosity. I will share what I find, fear, glory and all.  My hope it is a gift for you.

Follow me and I promise to bring the best of what I know, what I find and who I am.  I invite you along to share and grow along with me.