Resources & Inspiration

Highlighting people, organizations and communities that I have had the pleasure of working with and others who inspire and encourage us to shine the light.

Check out these amazing groups below:


Love Wins Love

Love Wins Love has been bringing communities together since 2016 to make beautiful, handmade Unity Flags for people in Seattle with no shelter. The purpose of these flags is to serve as a reminder to everyone who sees them hanging at tents and shelter encampments that "love lives here."

Salmon is Life

Salmon is Life is an organization that has created 350 handmade Sockeye Salmon that are illuminated and paraded all over the world to bring notice to salmon protection and restoration. Their goal is to protect local land and the environment through amplifying the indiginous voice.



HEARTS: Health Enriched by the Arts

HEARTS is a non-profit organization whose mission is encourage creative expression in healthcare and to positively effect the health and well-being of individuals, organizations, and all of society. Through performing and other expressive arts, HEARTS aims to create a "Culture of Health."

As a board member, I'm interested to see where your vision of my work, or yours, can be of service!


If you're interested in collaborations, introductions or juicy conversations, please don't hesitate reach out!