Studio Create

Your Community-Activated Studio

With intention we create meaning. Welcome to a haven, in a weary world, where friends and creatives forge generative and nourishing environments and eddies in the river of life. Through high and spirited play, we find the muse and create links of understanding, strong communities, and generous and genius arts. 

Full disclosure: We could change the world. 



Studio create is a space available for community, creativity, and connection.  

Whatever you do here... Do it on Purpose!

Art Space

Art journaling, intuitive painting, collages, vision boards


Spa, prayers and poetry, healing circles, rights of passage, other ceremonies


Improvisational play, Ensemble building, personal stories, playback theater


Improv play shops, campfire stories and songs, sing your prayers, chants and ditties

House concerts, conversation cafes, Salons, Labs, and more!

seattle studio create creative space for artists | being kate being
seattle studio create for artists and workshops collage making | being kate being kate thompson

Interested in using Studio Create for your next event or workshop?  What would you like to see here?