Kate Thompson, RN, CEAP
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Giving Voice to What Matters:

I am here to guide you into Proclaiming the Revolutionary Story of the Future, packed with Heart, Meaning and your unique being.

Through Story Cultivation, Expressive Arts ExplorationsRadical Coaching and Facilitation, we will set fire to the stories that drive you and your organization.

As an expressive arts practitioner and a nurse, I use the creative arts, mindfulness practices and story to strengthen your voice and showcase the unique voices in healthcare.

Together we will create a playground for your being-ness, your unique voice, your own culture of you and how you thrive and contribute to the greater culture.   

My goal is to facilitate and design, story by story, robust cultural systems from the inside out, for you and your organization

I serve individuals, the healthcare industry, non-profits and other social mission organizations.



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My mission is to maximize human potential, vision and innovation, through story, mindfulness and the arts while creating leaders at every level of an organization, especially in healthcare.  I work with individuals teams and organizations.  Are you ready to get started?

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About Being Kate Being:


hi, MY NAME IS kate and I'm being kate being.

I believe that words live when we impart meaning to them. That's how I got "Being Kate Being." In a world where there is so much Doing and Having, I needed to bring my Being home. So, I made a little sandwich and put me in the middle.  I am Being me, and you can Be you. Our Being-ness needs to Be voiced more than ever in our hurting world.  I look forward to sharing my and your stories. 

As an artist and story coach, I act upon and believe that we can ignite and build culture through the power of story and the arts.   The flowering flame, a-bloom with possibility and beauty, represents the life I choose to live and bring to my work with individuals and organizations. 

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After a lifetime of nursing, I know that our systems, especially those in healthcare, are wounded. Wounds heal from the inside out. If we recognize the breakdown that has happened to our community and give a voice to what matters, we can restore and design a world of possibility together, while fueling a future of an informed and collective design.

As we give the power of stories and the arts to those in the healthcare and all of our systems, we can pave the path from what is unseen, unheard to a bold and vibrant voice and future.  One of engaged citizens, empowered providers, and enriched internal systems, that make meaning in the stories they tell every day. 

Words about Kate:

Kate is one of the most inspirational and enlightened people whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and get to know. Her passion drives her towards greatness and her huge heart is what’s going to positively impact healthcare towards the change it needs.
— gabby de Janasz
Rarely has it been my pleasure to work with so gifted a trainer in human potential systems than Kate Thompson ... Kate is pragmatic and yet takes a light-hearted positive approach to her work. She is able to function with any group and in a multitude of different settings, from the most formal to the highly casual.
— Judae Bostian, Ed.D.
It is as though Kate simply lit a fire underneath me, and I am taking off.
— brad lichtenstein, N.D.


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