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Hello, my name is Kate Thompson and I'm Being Kate Being.

About Me

I live in Seattle, Washington. My middle name could be enthusiasm, as it is never far from where I roam.  My heart beats stronger when I am a part of Empowering women, and communities to find their voice and make meaning through social artistry, expressive arts, improvisation, the creative process, design thinking, singing, and making art that matters.  Storytelling resources abound. 

Through participatory processes we develop innovation,  we find we are  each cultural change agents, enriching ourselves, our families, workplaces and environments.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, inner and outer.  Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

My Story

We moved a lot as a kid.. My dad sold encyclopedias, and from door knocking to vice president, he was a power house.  I loved how he motivated ‘his crew’. Sometimes he would take me to his office on a Saturday and I would wait while he would go into a conference room and his voice would get louder and louder, then softer and softer as he would reiterate the living stories of these men. He would remind them of what he heard them say mattered in their life.  It was like a big pep rally.   
I too learned to yell and motivate my rotating neighborhood kids to have parades and shows.. Lots of shows.  Garages, back- yards, front yards, school yards.. Let’s Do a show!  We’s make flyers, and go door to door inviting neighbors.  We retold fairy tales and fractured them for fun, there was singing, dancing, and lots of imagining.   We would make up commercials for things like onions and cry and cry. 
I also learned about business, and filling needs.  My first job was selling Avon door to door  as a 16 year old, I progressed to a small natural food restaurant, a vintage clothing store, and a very successful aromatherapy based comfort product company, business consultant and coach.  

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